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helen's bridge -detail | asheville, nc
[ helen's bridge -detail | asheville, nc ]
[ i graduated from UNCA with a BS in information systems late 2007. i currently work for Waterbury Public Schools as a Network Technician (blanket title) where i perform a wide range of IT tasks. i have a side business as Chapman IT where i help with computer troubles in the area and web troubles anywhere in the world.

since my middle school days, when my family got our first computer, i have been a technology junkie. i still have a healthy interested in all things IT related. my areas of specialty include web design and development, graphic enhancement and photo editing, php coding, database design and development, custom pc builds, general troubleshooting, free and open source software, and networking. in recreation, i use my computer as a research tool, for music management, as a photo repository and digital darkroom, and occasionally gaming. ]
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