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  • lily and madeline

    asthmatic kitty does it again!

    two young sisters and a piano (sometimes a string or two) sound amazing. love everything i've heard.

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  • Born To Be A Motorcycle by Bunky on Asthmatic Kitty

    i heard bunky on an asthmatic kitty sampler and fell in love. i wasn't able to find many other songs to listen to. they are that popular *g*...which made me want to get their jams even more, of course.

    check them out. let me know if you can't find anything and i'll hook you up.

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  • Any CD by Arctic Monkeys

    heard these guys on some VH1 special.

    someone told an anecdote where they were the last to hear about the arctic monkeys. i was like, "who?" i should know who they are, apparently. so i checked them out and have liked everything i've heard!

    check out i'll bet you look good on the dance floor.

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  • Any CD by The Arcade Fire

    neon bible
    the suburbs (got it for christmas!)

    i don't remember where i first heard these guys. i think it was a music blog talking about the ease of downloading albums or discographies via torrents.

    turns out it is really easy.

    oh, i've liked tons of their stuff and should purchase some albums so i'm not that guy.

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  • Any CD by Bleeding Kansas

    remember the cafFiends? didn't think so. they sold like 10 albums, but were awesome. i own 4 of them.

    i ordered them all at the same time and didn't hear back from them for like 6 months...then i got an apology, the albums i ordered, and some free stickers and their newest, unreleased, album burned by their own CD in DIY packaging. fun!

    oh, Bleeding Kansas basically rose from the ashes of the now defunct CafFiends. that was the point of my story. they are great...more along the lines of Norma Jean or Converge than the parent act, though. Great experimental hardcore!

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  • Cowboy Bebop OST by Yoko Kanno

    this OST and the one from samurai champloo might battle it out as my favorite soundtracks to date. certainly for an anime series. both series and OST's are worth a watch and listen, respectively!

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  • sufjan stevens

    probably, i first heard 'illinoise' (come on, feel the...) after a HM recommendation or review or something.

    i enjoyed 'michigan,' but somehow managed to skip 'seven swans' even though i enjoyed many of the songs i sampled. i'm overdue for this one, i think.

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  • Any CD by La Dispute

    i think i heard these guys on last.fm's mewithoutyou radio station...along with minus the bear and bear vs. shark. « pattern?

    great station.

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  • Any CD by The Dismemberment Plan

    i found these guys far after they had kicked the bucket (well, the band)...and didn't even recognize their sound as old. and with a metal name like "the dismemberment plan"...i couldn't shake them once they caught my attention.

    gretchen ellenburg (can't find a link to her) agreed. they are fun. and they release lots of their music out for people to remix at some point...that's almost like being open source in the software field. take that.

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  • waxahatchee

    no clue how i came across this lady, but i first heard "sister saint" a few times and haven't looked back.

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  • Any CD by Gogol Bordello

    melissa sometimes gets really into actors. she loved the lord of the rings series...and decided to stalk Elijah Woods by watching tons of other movies he had been in. one of those was "Everything is Illuminated" and Gogol performed a large majority of that soundtrack.

    "start wearing purple" was the kicker for me...and i've downloaded lots of their stuff and now must purchase it.

    interestingly, my brother recently recommended that same jam on a mixed cd stand-in i requested for my birthday, to hear about new songs that i may be missing out on.

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  • 20 B-sides and rarities by The Juliana Theory

    I'm a long time fan of this band and the price is right for these songs. I tried to download it to test it out first...but it isn't even in the discographies on the pirate bay. that means it is eclectic. or really bad. i'm hoping.

    ...as far as this goes, i don't have their earlier stuff on tooth and nail, either...

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  • Any CD by Two Gallants

    i don't remember where i heard of these guys. seems like they were myspace friends with another band i liked or something. anyway, they are a twosome and tons of fun. i've liked everything i've heard by them and think i owe them an album purchase or two.

    • The Throes (2004 Alive Records)

    • What the Toll Tells (2006 Saddle Creek)

    • Two Gallants (2007 Saddle Creek)

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  • Any CD by The Waifs

    melissa saw these guys open for Bob Dylan, then recommended them to me. i love them. tons of fun songs. i love how they treat their instruments!

    i have 'up all night' and 'london still'

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  • muse

    first heard of these guys in 2002 or 2003 while looking for "tantrum of the muse." wound up down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood and loving "new born" and "plug-in baby" from one of their earlier albums.

    i only have "absolution" so am missing quite a few. i don't think i've heard anything from "showbiz" but would love any other album I don't have and probably appreciate that one, too.

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  • Sisyphus

    another asthmatic kitty recommendation. a project with sufjan and a couple other guys who have been around. the mix works well and i'd like to have this, despite the language.

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  • Any CD by Josh Ritter

    i have "historical conquests of" and "so runs the world away" but imagine i should have all of his stuff


    on the way home from school (maybe, maybe not), i heard "thin blue flame" and loved it. called melissa and quoted some words from the song to her b/c i had missed the band name. when i got home, she had the track title and artist waiting for me.

    i love my wife.

    i've enjoyed everything i've heard by Mr. Ritter. he is awesome.

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  • Any CD by Neutral Milk Hotel

    melissa told me about this band, i think, by complaining that one of her college roommates listened to them too much. the name was familiar to me at the time (i'm sticking to my story), but i hadn't heard anything...as i was mostly a hxc kid at the time.

    once i finally decided to check out some stuff, i enjoyed it and understood why her friend overplayed. i don't really overplay...melissa does, though, so I'd think she'd be sympathetic. she isn't.

    oh, i've liked enough of their stuff that i feel i can safely skip listening to more freely and just buy.

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  • Any CD by Minus the Bear

    I have "Minos el Oso" now!

    i think last.fm told me about these guys...likely on a mewithoutYou channel (turns up tons of good jams). maybe that is where i heard of the dismemberment plan, too...anyway, they are awesome. and i want more of their stuff. all of it seems awesome!

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  • Any CD by Liz Janes

    i heard this lady on an asthmatic kitty sampler. she loves her guitar. i love her music.

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  • Nikon SB-400 Speedlight Flash

    A tinier, cheaper bounce flash with all the benefits of the SB-600 except no horizontal rotation (only vertical to 90 degrees) and no remote slave option.

    I'd take another SB-600, but I think this would do just fine and I'd have a less difficult time getting Melissa to use it.

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